Redeeming your Growth Fruits for Glory Medals? Please visit the end-of-term completion site to collect丨Final Ceremony


This term, together with parents and teachers, we have been able to appreciate the beauty that our students have nurtured with their hard work and sweat, applauding and cheering for the glorious medals, and looking forward to harvesting more in the future.


On 20-21 January 2022, the end-of-semester closing ceremony of RGSG Nanjing 2021 unfolded its chapter.

Each growth deserves to be honored

Time flies. In the blink of an eye, a semester of intense learning is coming to a close. In this short term, we have unearthed the best in different students.

It is the poise of walking like the wind and standing like a pine, the confidence and enthusiasm of being the first in everything, the youthful enthusiasm of chasing the wind and the focus and breadth of immersion in books. Everyone's progress is in different ways, and everyone's growth is worthy of praise.

WX20220122-100810@2x.pngStars of Leadership, Stars of Reading, Stars of Physical Arts, Stars of Civility, Principal's Special Award ...... More than a dozen awards from different perspectives testify to the students' progress in different areas, and each child's sparkle has rewarded itself with glory.


This moment, the medal awarded, is branded in the children's hearts and becomes a new seed to inspire them upwards.


The Primary Section presented a wonderfully unobtrusive performance at the end of the closing ceremony.


The three main secondary schools, Austen, Beckingham and Hamonde, performed three wonderful theme songs for the parents who arrived at the closing ceremony.

In the songs, we heard a little bit of the teenagers' past and felt the youthful vitality of life.


Each progress is protected

After the final exams, the teachers started a comprehensive round of 1V1 parent interviews. At the parent-teacher meetings, the teachers communicated in depth with parents about their child's growth and gains, strengths and weaknesses this term, and made targeted suggestions and directions for their child's individual development and future academic career.


As a bridge between home and school, the PTA also had in-depth communication with the teachers of the school section at the end of the term. We are pleased that the parents and teachers are adhering to the same sentiment in the goal of safeguarding the progress of the students, and that the future of the children will be better with continuous suggestions and mutual long-term cooperation.


In the past semester, we wrote poems and songs about our efforts and growth, and portrayed our efforts with sweat; looking forward to a brand new future, we hope that under the guidance of our carers, every child's growth will be cared for and every student's future will be worth looking forward to!